There is a certain amount of sense of humour required to participate in Bubble Soccer! Here you get strapped into an inflated ball that ranges from 1.5 – 1.9 meters in diameter (depending on your size). The players body is completely enclosed (don’t worry, there is space to breathe) with only their legs let loose to run around. A huge amount of fun, a great workout and plenty to speak about after the game, is guaranteed.

A normal game of soccer is then played with six a side, a certain amount of bumping, rolling and laughing is involved and some rules that ensure safety for all. Bubble Soccer is very safe, you won’t need to worry about any injuries (well, any more than a normal game of soccer).

Games are played Monday – Sunday and a fine option for birthday parties and corporate team building.

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Register A Ringer

Once you have registered as a ringer, we will either try to find a suitable team for which you can play permanently, or team captains will get in touch with you as required.

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