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Terms and conditions

Rules of Play

Six A Side Indoor Soccer League Rules of Play

Players and numbers

1.    Maximum number of players per team is ten (10) and rolling subs must exit/enter from own goal.
2.    No team may recruit/utilize players from another team in their division unless
a.    The opposing team agrees thereto- if so agreed the team may choose to be allocated a goal for every recruited player that is utilized while maintaining a maximum of ten (10)


3.    No Slide Tackles
4.    No playing the ball while sitting/lying on the ground
5.    No tackling within demarcated corner markings- 1 player in at a time, opponent must back behind 1meter demarcated line and attacker has 5seconds on the ball in corner
a.    Players may not take the ball out of the corner and then retake it back in the area, this infringement will result in a free kick to the opposition
6.    Only one tackler may take on a player ie No third party tackles (No 2 on 1)
7.    Opposition must be 2 meters from free kicks at all times
a.    Infringement will result it being moved forward an additional 2 meters


8.    Goalkeepers may not pick up at deliberate back pass by own players foot (player may use head, chest etc to pass back and pick up as per FIFA ruling)
a.    If the ball is picked up it is a free kick on the semi circle of the goalkeepers area to the attacking team
9.    The goalkeeper may not handle the ball in his own area if bringing the ball back into the keepers area, ie they may not play the ball back into their own circle and then pick the ball up.
10.    Goalkeeper may take a goal kick or throw to restart
11.    Ball over side nets= restart with dead ball kick from point of exit by respective team
12.    No off sides
13.    Goals may be scored from anywhere in the court
14.    Hanging on nets and shielding the ball at the same time will be penalized
15.    Dangerous and harsh tackles against the walls are not allowed and can warrant an immediate yellow card based on referees decision (injuries wish to be prevented)


16.    For a penalty awarded for any infringement in the circle the penalty must be taken by a player standing directly behind the ball with one foot planted next to the ball and the back foot inside the circle taking NO STEP and striking the ball at goal (there must be one movement on initial step)
a.    The goalkeeper must be on the goal line


17.    No weapons of any sorted to be brought to the field or facility in general
18.    No watches, jewellery or peak caps to be worn on the field
19.    No swearing or derogatory remarks on and off the field
20.    No spitting on the field

Disciplinary Action

21.    Infringement of any rules or continuous bad challenges = 2 minute off the field (yellowcard) and the team plays short for those two (2) minutes
Continual infringement of the same kind after returning to the field= 3minutes off the field and team plays short once again.
Serious/dangerous tackle/continual bad behavior/disrespect and swearing at the referee= RED CARD (team plays for 5 minutes without player and that player cannot return)- if there is a red card offence action will be taken with a minimum of a 1-2 game suspension being issued
22.    Off field behavior can similarly lead to player suspension/yellowcard and in this instance one of the on-field players has to leave the field for the said duration
23.    Physical abuse of another player/Referee/fighting will lead to an automatic 6 WEEK SUSPENSION
24.    Any verbal abuse/swearing at the referee/other player will lead to an immediate RED CARD AND A MINIMUM OF 1-2 WEEK SUSPENSION
25.    Players and/or teams who continually do not abide by the rules an spirit of the game or are serious offenders of either physical or verbal abuse will be suspended and eventually totally banned from playing.
26.    A notice of suspension will be handed to both player and captain of a team and a copy will be kept by managers as well as a copy being posted up on the notice boards in the bar area.


27.    The continual and ongoing support of teams is greatly encouraged however it should be known that all rules governing players will also apply to the supporters and teams will be disciplined for the behavior of their supporters
Referee and Manager
28.    The referee shall control the game with the manager called upon to assist as and when needed and required and either or both may submit reports where necessary

Play Regulations

29.    Games must start punctually- remember games are 45 minute timeslots with 5 minutes grace time maximum being given
30.    Thereafter goals will be deducted (or added to the team on the field) for every 2 minutes further delay
31.    The game will be played short in order to fit into the timeslot


32.    Ensure fees are paid up before each game either by paying the full amount upfront or as stated in the registration form
33.    Remember NO PAY NO PLAY
34.    Only upon managers confirmation will anything else be tolerated